Friday, September 11, 2015

I’m So Friendly, Talkative & Outgoing! But Unfortunately Some People Mistake That For...

I’m So Friendly, Talkative & Outgoing!

But Unfortunately Some People Mistake That For Flirting. o:/

HELLO! I Leave No Doubt When I’m Flirting! And Usually I Flirt When First Flirted With. I 9 Times Out Of 10 Never Initiate Flirting. Because Honestly, I Sometimes Can’t Tell If A Guy Is Really Into Me Or Really Flirting With Me! I’m So Bad! I Tend To Check The Hands For Rings (Some Countries Use The Right Hand) Because My Policy Is To Never Be A Part Of A Love Triangle Or Be A Side Dish! I’m A Goddess And Must Be Treated As Such!

Besides, I’m Not Into The Modern Thing! The Path To My Heart Is Paved In Gold With Good Old Fashioned Chivalry And Courtship. That’s Non-Negotiable! And Any Man Willing To Do That For Me Is Definitely Worth At Least A Few Dates!

But Aside From Some People Thinking My Friendly, Outgoing & Talkative Public Nature (Because Privately I’m Introverted & Introspective) Is Flirting, I Tend To Make People Feel Like We’ve Known Each Other For Years. And I Like That! We May Never Exchange Contact Info, But For That Moment We Acted Like Friends And I Personally Like That! I Also Like To Spread Positivity And Good Loving Energy And Leave People Happier And More Inspired Than They Were Before They Met Me!

Anyways, Thanks God For Blessing Me With This Attitude And Gift! Please Continue To Help Me Perfect All The Gifts, Virtues And Blessings You’ve Given To Me! I Entrust You With My Life And You Entrust Me With The Confidence That I Have What It Takes To Manifest Your Dream For Me! I Love You God! You’re My Everything! You Crown Me With Love Beyond My Power To Hold! And You’re Why I’m A Goddess! Because You Created Me In Your Image And Likeness! Your Dream For Me Manifests! Amen!

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