Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Late Night Confession And Feeling God Blessed!

The Next Time I’m Wearing Bare Back Clothing And I’m Exclusively Dating A Worthy Man, I’d Like Him To Trace My Spine From My Neck All The Way Down To My Tailbone With His Fingers. o;P But Since I’m Very Happily Single, That Will Just Have To Exist In My Mind. There’s A Lot Of Things That Will Have To Exist Only In My Mind. I’m Still A Wait Until Marriage Kind Of Goddess. So There’s A Lot Of Things That Will Just Have To Exist In My Mind. Right Now, I’m In No Condition To Date A Guy. Because I’m Not Yet The Woman Of The Man Of My Dreams, Dream. And The Man Of My Dreams Deserves Me To Be The Woman Of His Dreams. And There’s No One That Really Interests Me Right Now. I May Never Date Again, And That Would Be Fine. God Is Truly All I Need In Life. I’m Living A Fairy Tale With God. But The Only Way I’ll Allow Myself To Live A Romantic Fairytale Is If God Is Cooking Up A Man Of Good Old Fashioned Chivalry And Honor To Conquer My Heart And Soul. Because That’s Non-Negotiable For Me If I’m Going To Share The Deepest Part Of Me With Someone. But Only Destiny And Time Will Tell If I Travel As A Goddess Or With A God Worthy Of My Goddessness! o;P Either Way I’m Truly Blessed. God Thought The Universe Would Be Great With Me In It And I’m Truly Thankful And Grateful For That!


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