Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I’ve Been Spending Most Of The Year Trying To Get Healthy. I’ve Gained Weight Because Of...

I’ve Been Spending Most Of The Year Trying To Get Healthy. I’ve Gained Weight Because Of The Diets I’ve Been Put On After Each Procedure. (Hey, I May Have Gained Weight, But I’m Still Sexy, Delicious & Goddess As Heck!) After All The Procedures, Tests & All That Are Over (Hopefully By The End Of August) I Hope To Start A Daily Workout Routine & A More Healthier Balanced Diet. My Goal Is To Give Myself A Christmas Gift Of The Most Awesome April-Liesel Binapri Yet!

If God’s Plan For Me Is To Get Married, I Want To Make Sure The Man He’s Preparing For Me Is One Lucky Man! I Believe That The Man Of My Dreams Deserves A Woman That Makes Everyone Say, “He’s One Lucky Man!” Because If God Gives Me The Man Of My Dreams, I’ll Be, “One Lucky Woman!” But That’s Just The Die Hard Romantic In Me!

I May Seem Like A Very Extroverted People Person Friendly Talkative Goddess. But The Truth Is, I Am More Comfortable When It’s Just God & Me. My Mom’s The Only Person In The World That I Can Be Most Myself With. So I’m A Very Solo, Independent, Rely On Myself, Solve My Problems With God & Me Kind Of Person.

It’s Not That I Don’t Trust Or Don’t Love Or Lock My Friends & Family Out, It’s Just That I’m All Good By Myself! God & Me Is All I’ve Ever Needed! He Knows Every Bit Of Me & Loves & Accepts Every Drop Of Me! I Don’t Have To Hide Any Part Of Me With God!

I Suppose, If God Has A Man Planned For Me, His Labor Of Loving Me Is To Knock Down My Walls. Because If I Am To Get Married, My Husband Must Know Me & Accept Me & Love Every Drop Of Me Flaws & All & Vice Versa & We Both Must Make Each Other Better! But Again A Man Is The Die Hard Romantic In Me!

I’ve Proven I Can Fly Solo! My Objective As A Solo Goddess Is To Be More Of A Damn Good God Blessed Goddess After All My Health Issues Are Resolved Enough To Where It’s All About Maintenance. I Plan On Stepping My Game Up! I Want To Manifest God’s Dream For Me! He’s The One Who Brings Out The Best In Me! So I Must Be The Best Me!

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