Sunday, November 27, 2016

“ I Was Extremely Close To My Paternal Grandma & My Maternal Grandpa. I Could Talk To Them...

“ I Was Extremely Close To My Paternal Grandma & My Maternal Grandpa. I Could Talk To Them About Anything & Everything. My Paternal Grandma More Than Took Up The Slack & Went Beyond The Call Of Duty & I Knew She Did So To Make Up For Her Son. And My Maternal Grandpa Stepped Up To Become My Real Father & He Did So With Great Joy, Humility & Honor. They Both Wanted To Make Sure That I Knew That My Presence In Their Lives Was One Of The Greatest Blessings Of Their Lives. They Always Made Me Feel Like & Made Sure I Knew I Was God’s Gift To Them & I Made Sure They Knew As Well. Ever Since Both Went Home To God… And With Each Passing Holiday… And Important Day… And Everyday… Their Absence In My Life Becomes More Pronounced. When It Comes To That Level Of Closeness And Unconditional Love & Support, My Mother Is All I Have Now. I Know That God Can Take My Mother From Me At Any Moment. I Hope That Before That Day Comes I Can Be The Daughter God Dreams I Can Be For My Mom, And My Mom Can Be The Mommy God Dreams For Me. My Mother And I Have Our Ups And Downs. But We’re All We’ve Got! And We Both Believe We Can Do Better, But Both Of Us Are Enough For Each Other! And That, Along With My Grandparents, Are The Greatest Gifts, Blessings, Lessons, Experiences And Moments God Can Ever And Has Ever Given Me! These Three People: Mommy, Lolo (Grandpa In Tagalog) And My Grandma Are Everything To Me, And No Matter What Happens In My Life, I Will Have Won In Life And I Will Have Lived A Successful Life. I Am Thankful, Grateful, Truly Blessed That God Crowned Me With Love Beyond My Power To Hold By Giving Me My Mommy, Grandpa And Grandma. Besides God, I Have Not Experienced Such Pure Love As The Love I Received & Continue To Receive From All Three Of Them. They Are Examples Of God Crowning Me With Love Beyond My Power To Hold… My Cup Runs Over… As We Conclude Thanksgiving Weekend… Thank You So Very Much God… Glory Be To The Father & To The Son & To The Holy Spirit… Amen!💖”

~April-Liesel Binapri

from Tumblr

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