Thursday, November 17, 2016

I’m A Very Proud American & I Love Our National Anthem First! I Do Get Emotional When I...

I’m A Very Proud American & I Love Our National Anthem First! I Do Get Emotional When I Hear The National Anthem Of My Homeland… It Fills My Heart & Soul With So Much Love & Pride That I Was Born & Raised In The Greatest Nation On The Face Of The Earth & In All Of History, The United States Of America! In Fact, I Am Filled With Pride & Emotion When Hearing Any American Patriotic Song!

But My Ancestry Is Pinoy (The Philippines), Spanish (Spain), Chinese (Mainland China, Hong Kong & Taiwan), Irish & Scottish! So I’m Very Proud Of The Lands Of My Ancestors. While I Am Proud Of My Chinese Ancestry, I’m Not Fond Of The Chinese Anthem (Communism) & I Want To Respect The Free Citizens Of A Free & Democratic China, Hong Kong & Taiwan. I Have Irish & Scottish Ancestry & Well, There’s Political & Social Conflict There Too! I’m Aware Of The Political & Social Climate In Spain & The Philippines Too.

Because I’m Part Pinay (Philippines) & Spanish (Spain) I Am Filled With So Much Love & Pride Whenever I Hear The Philippine National Anthem & The Spanish National Anthem. It Is Ironic, Because Spain Conquered The Philippines & The Philippines Was Named After A Spanish King (Philip II, Felipe II) & I’m Pretty Sure Some Of My Pinoy Ancestors Don’t Have Fuzzy & Warm Feelings About Some Of My Spanish Ancestors. But Nevertheless I Love Both National Anthems & I Sometimes Get Emotional When I Hear Them!

If You Don’t Know, I Keep Up With What’s Going On In Not Only America, But The Philippines, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ireland, Scotland & Because My Step-Grandpa Was German, By Way Of Adoption Germany Too! Because I Keep Up With What’s Going On, My Tagalog (Filipino), Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese & German Has Improved. But I Am Far From Fluent! :’(

But My World Isn’t Limited To The English Speaking World! There’s So Much TV, Film, Music, Culture & Literature To Enjoy Outside The English World!

I Love America First & Foremost! But I So Love The Lands Of My Ancestors Too!✊💖

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