Sunday, April 10, 2016

ANOTHER LIFE AFTER DEATH: Months After Learning Of My Biological...

ANOTHER LIFE AFTER DEATH: Months After Learning Of My Biological Father’s Death

Since Learning About My Biological Father’s Death, I’ve Allowed Myself To Go Deep Into The Abyss And Almost Near, If Not The Slightly Past The Gates Of Hell.

But My Birthday Is Next Month, And I Have Every Intention Of Giving Myself The Birthday Gift Of A New Life.

I Have Not Spoken Openly About The Spectrum Of Emotions, War And Chaos Going On Within Me. I Have Spent All This Time Doing What I Did To Survive The Darkest Years Of My Life, Talk To God! Be With God, And Depend On God!

Ever Since Learning About My Biological Father’s Death, Admittedly, I’ve Retreated From The World. All Dealing With The Spectrum Of Emotions, Wars And Chaos Within Me.

I Didn’t Know Who To Talk To, Because Throughout My Survival Of Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence… No One In My Life Has Ever Really Wanted To Listen To Me Or Hear About That Darkness.

And I’ve Already Gone Through Two Cycles Of Therapy. But You Need The People In Your Life To Help You Heal. And Probably My Dark Past Has Already Caused Them So Much Pain Because They Love Me That I Assume They Just Don’t Want To Hear About It. Because It Also Traumatizes Them. No Need To Have Other People Have To Heal From The Sins Of My Biological Father.

When The World Fails Me, There’s Always God! God Has Helped Me Through It All! My Relationship With God Transcends! It’s The Only One That Has Never Failed Me! God Keeps Sending Me Messages That He Won’t Take Me Back Until I’ve Manifested His Dream For Me! And He Crowns Me With Love Beyond My Power To Hold!

I’m Disappointed In Myself That I Let Myself Retreat To The Point Where I Allowed Myself To Put Myself Into A Personal Prison. And Have Plunged So Deeply Into The Abyss. But God’s Love And Mercy Has Allowed Me Break Free From That Abyss.

I’m Going To Start Anew. I May Reestablish Connections With People From My Past. But That’s Only If They Want To Be A Part Of My Future. I’m Starting Fresh!

I Want To Live Up To The Promise Of God’s Dream For Me, April-Liesel Cleopatra Philotheos Binapri. I Want To Live Up To The Promise Of My Dream For Me! I Deserve A Victorious Life! Even With All My Flaws… And All My Sins… I Deserve A Victorious Life! God Created Me To Manifest His Dream For Me! And It’s A Victorious Dream!

As I Said Before:

🔥Sometimes You Must Burn To The Ashes So That You Can Rise From Them & Begin Anew!🔥My God Makes All Things New🌦🌥🌤Including Me!🌞Coming Soon!👸

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