Thursday, April 14, 2016

"It’s Strange! Looking At All My Former Crushes In Grade, Middle, High School & Even..."

“It’s Strange! Looking At All My Former Crushes In Grade, Middle, High School & Even College. The Way They Are Now, I Don’t Think I’d Crush On Any Of Them. Granted Ever Since My Biological Father’s Death I Kind Of Allowed Myself To Go Deep Into The Abyss To Even Slightly Past The Gates Of Hell. But I’m Going To Return To My Former Goddessness Very Soon! In Fact, I’ll Be Hotter Than I Was Before I Allowed Myself To Sink. But Actually, Looking At My Former Crushes, All Of Them! Well, Since Pierce Brosnan Is My First Crush Ever & He’s My Default Crush, I’ll Keep Going Back To Him When There’s No Guy To Crush On In My Life. But Looking At All Of The Men I’ve Ever Crushed On Since Pierce Brosnan. LOL! I Simply Wouldn’t Consider Any Of Them For A Re-Crush. They’re My Former Crushes. They’re In The Past! So While I’m Digging Myself Out Of The Grave I’ve Allowed Myself To Sink Into… And While I’m Getting Myself Healthy Again… I’ll Be Preparing Myself For My Soul Mate. Becoming The Woman Of His Dreams. It’s Going To Take A Lot Of Work! But Whoever Can Fall In Love With Me, Believe I’m A Goddess, Treat My Body Like A Temple Of The Holy Spirit, Is The Man Of My Dreams… Deserves Every Bit Of Effort I Put Into Becoming The Best April-Liesel Binapri I Can Possibly Be! I’m Going To Allow Myself To Mourn A Little Bit. I’ll Allow April Showers To Bring On May Flowers. The Greatest Birthday Gift I Can Give Myself Is A New Life. A Better Life. So I’m Working On It! I’ll Let The Idea Of My Soul Mate Motivate Me To Be The Woman Of His Dreams. Just So He Should Know, It’s The Greatest Challenge Of My Life! I’ve Disappointed Myself By Allowing Myself To Go Slightly Past The Gates Of Hell. I’ve Allowed Myself To Get Unhealthy. May The Miracles Of God Manifest Me Into The Woman Of My Soul Mate’s Dreams… The Woman Of My Dreams… But Most Of All The April-Liesel Binapri Of God’s Dreams! I’ll Allow God To Crown Me With Love And Blessings Beyond My Power To Hold! Thanks God! I Love You!”

- April-Liesel Binapri
from Tumblr

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