Thursday, April 2, 2015

At First, Empress Red Wasn’t Going To Do It! But Her Good...

At First, Empress Red Wasn’t Going To Do It! But Her Good Friend “Mr. Blue” Wanted To Do An April Fools Joke Saying, “Mr. Blue & Empress Red Got Married!” Only Under The Other Names “Mr. Blue” & “Empress Red” Go By On His Social Networks. He Made This Story Up & Went With It! Empress Red, At First Didn’t Go Along With It! But Then Empress Red Had To Because He Was Posting The Story On His Social Networks Under The Other Names Mr. Blue & Empress Red Go By. They Have Mutual Friends Who Know All The Names They Go By. Then Empress Red Got Her Mother In On It! So Empress Red Would Like To Thank Her Mom For Going Along With This Joke! The Truth Is Mr. Blue & Empress Red Have Been Friends For A Long Time. Both Stopped Playing The Mr. Blue & Empress Red Game Months Ago! Both Are Very Happily Single, Unattached & Available! That’s Because Both Are SO Focused On Their Individual Goals & Dreams They Don’t Have The Time To Play Their Game, Or Date Anyone At This Moment In Time!

Mr. Blue & Empress Red Met May 26, 2013 Playing A Kind Of Role Playing Game While Empress Red Was On Her Birthday Vacation.According To The Game, Mr. Blue & Empress Red Are Lovers. They Both Admittedly, Got Caught Up In Their Game. They Continued Playing Their Game Off And On For A Year. While Playing Their Game, They Never Made Out. They Only Kissed Quickly On The Closed Mouth, Hugged & Held Hands. Empress Red Only Makes Out With A Man She’s Exclusively Dating.They Ultimately Stopped Playing That Game Months Ago. They Remain Good Friends. Today On April 1, 2015 They Reprised Their Roles. So April Fools!

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